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Federal Crimes

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If you have been charged with a federal crime, you may be facing serious consequences like prison time, large fines, forfeiture of your property and the loss of important rights.

At the Law Firm of Jason T. Conforti, we are relentless, meticulous and thorough in our analysis and case preparation, which allows us to zealously and wholeheartedly fight for our clients’ rights in federal cases.

Regardless of how serious the charges against you are, we can advise you on your options, whether that involves choosing disposition, plea bargaining or trial. With an extensive federal defense practice, we are highly experienced at writing motions, and we have taken many cases successfully to trial in federal court. We are very familiar with how federal sentencing guidelines work, and we can employ various methods to help you reach the best possible outcome.



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In the context of prosecution, conspiracy is charged as a separate crime, often in conjunction with drug dealing, fraud or other state or federal criminal charges.

Conspiracy charges can greatly complicate a case and make the penalties more severe if a conviction results. If the prosecution can prove that you were in agreement with other people in a criminal matter, you can be included as a conspirator in crimes committed by a group. Essentially, this means that you can be held responsible for the behavior of others, even if you had nothing to do with their actions. For example, if you are charged with conspiracy in a matter that includes a violent crime, you can be sent to jail despite the fact that you did nothing violent.

We understand the seriousness of California and federal conspiracy charges, and we have the knowledge and experience to fight those charges.


Drug Trafficking

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Drug trafficking is selling, transporting or importing illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or marijuana across county, state or federal borders.

Drug trafficking or importation is commonly charged in conjunction with drug cultivation or possession and intent to sell, as well as related white collar crimes such as money laundering or bulk cash smuggling.

The penalties for conviction of drug trafficking and other related drug crimes vary according to the type and quantity of the illegal drug. Generally speaking, however, federal penalties include mandatory minimum prison sentences. California law also imposes severe penalties, which include years in prison. You could also lose your property, including your vehicle or home!

We will make sure that your constitutional rights were not infringed upon, and search for other avenues to secure dismissal or acquittal, or
reduce the charges and associated penalties.


Regulatory and Compliance Matters

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Regulatory frameworks are constantly evolving and yet, the costs of non-compliance are steadily increasing. With our experience and the support of a group of independent defense attorneys who become part of our legal team, when necessary, we are well-positioned to help our clients deal effectively and creatively with regulatory and compliance issues. 

We represent individuals and corporate clients in federal and state criminal and quasi-criminal investigations, administrative enforcement proceedings, compliance program development and implementation, and government contracting. Contractors face risks throughout the life cycle of a government contract. From proposals and performance through contract modifications and invoicing, the representations made must be precise and accurate. If government agents discover a mistake and believe that the company intentionally mislead them, the consequences can be severe. In addition to potential criminal prosecutions, contractors could be debarred from performing government contracts. The threat of debarment alone can harm the company’s reputation and financial future. 

Each client matter is unique. Thus, we work closely with each client to understand their business, goals and objectives so we can implement a defense strategy that protects their most important interests. 


Mail, Mortgage, Financial, Wire Fraud

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If you have been charged with mortgage fraud or financial fraud, you are understandably concerned about the outcome, and you may feel like you have been blamed for a much bigger problem.

We are experienced at holding the prosecutor to the burden of proof, fighting for the constitutional rights of our clients and making sure that proper criminal process is maintained. To that end, we will thoroughly investigate, strategize, prepare and challenge the prosecution powerfully on your behalf.

Mail fraud and wire fraud are often prosecuted as federal crimes that can bring serious penalties, including prison sentences and large fines. These forms of fraud involve the use of postal mail, shipping or other interstate transmissions to defraud or deceive someone, usually with regard to their money or property.

As with other fraud charges, the prosecution must prove that the accused person had the intent to defraud — to use mail or wires to deceive for the sake of gain — whether the charges involve an alleged scam, a misrepresented service or product, or another supposedly fraudulent action or scheme.

Effective defense against mail and wire fraud requires a thorough review of the evidence and detailed preparation at every stage. Sometimes federal charges are unfounded, but this must be clearly shown by the defense.


Internal Investigations and Criminal Risk Management

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Aggressive government investigation and prosecution of alleged business misconduct has become the status quo. It is vital for companies to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney, in addition to their in-house or civil counsel, to properly conduct internal investigations and provide a comprehensive criminal risk assessment. 

We know the importance of conducting investigations that are insightful and thorough, yet discreet, and enable our clients to readily understand what, if anything, has happened and how to respond. The benefit of engaging counsel with extensive federal criminal defense experience is the marked deviation from the traditional myopic approach employed by civil practitioners when conducting internal investigations. Our experience allows us to survey the entire legal minefield, which far exceeds the narrow parameters of potential civil liability. We are versed in the strategic considerations arising from parallel government inquiries and counsel our clients accordingly. 

We represent businesses and individuals through every phase of government investigations and court proceedings. From persuading the government to decline prosecution, to negotiating a favorable resolution, to aggressively defending our clients in a jury trial. Where these investigations are anticipated, we assist companies prepare for the consequences of the investigation. In circumstances where there is no warning of a search warrant or federal raid, we provide immediate assistance, including being physically present during the execution of the warrant when possible. 

Our clients routinely benefit from our broad experience with enforcement authorities, including the DOJ, United States attorney’s offices, the SEC, the EPA, the DON, state attorneys general and district attorneys offices. 


White Collar Crimes

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Any number of events may trigger an investigation for white collar crime, some of which may be beyond your or your business entity’s control. Perhaps the most important aspect of building a
defense against any resulting charges is demonstrating a lack of intent to defraud.

We represent clients against the full spectrum of white collar crimes.

Successful dismissal or acquittal of these charges depends on meticulous preparation: a thorough discovery request and intensive examination of all related evidence recovered such as internal memos and other communications.

In some cases, when we are made aware of the prosecution’s
investigation into your business activities prior to charges being filed, we may be able to prevent a scandal and the associated lost business opportunities by showing there is not enough evidence
to support an indictment.


Insurance Fraud

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Insurance fraud is the intent to provide false information or hide true information in order to secure benefits under a homeowners, life, health, worker’s compensation or auto insurance policy to which one is not otherwise entitled. This may include the alleged fabrication of motor vehicle accidents, injuries, medical conditions, or lost, stolen or damaged personal or commercial property. Insurance companies that deny valid insurance claims may also be found guilty of fraud.

Insurance companies will often go to great lengths to avoid paying a claim — it is how they remain profitable. They employ trained analysts whose primary responsibility is using information to minimize or completely deny injuries or other loss. In some cases, they go too far and accuse a policyholder of fraud.

We will build a defense against these and other fraud charges by thoroughly examining the prosecutor’s case to identify its weaknesses. The most successful defenses against charges of filing a fraudulent claim are that the information provided was accurate or that the provision of false information was unintentional.


Money Laundering

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Money laundering is the financial progression of criminal activity or any action taken to hide money obtained through illegal activity. Qualifying financial actions include making a
withdrawal, payment, transfer or deposit of money through any financial institution. Under California law, the financial transaction or transactions must have totaled $5,000 within seven days or $25,000 within 30 days. Intent to participate in laundering money must also be demonstrated.

Given the proximity to the Mexican border, California money laundering charges are often
associated with bulk cash smuggling — the concealment of more than $10,000 for transfer in and out of the United States, in an attempt to avoid currency reporting requirements.

We will defend against money laundering charges by building a defense that demonstrates the accused individual or business entity did not know where the money came from, or did not know that he or she was carrying out financial
transactions intended for this purpose.

Who are we?



We are thoroughly prepared for every meeting, court appearance, and case. We are tirelss in researching every aspect of a case in order to develop a potent defense. 



We stop at nothing to hold prosecutors to the burden of truth. We know the system and know exactly what strategies will work in different situations.



We are known for tough and rigorous advocacy for our client with exceptional legal knowledge. Through years of experience and hundreds of cases we know what it takes to achieve success.



Read our reviews. Each one will point out our professionalism for our clients during their most trying times. Our job is not only to achieve a favorable outcome but to relieve your stress while we are at it.



We know what we excel at and we know it well. We stick to cases in the regions where we have the best understanding of the legal system in order to present the best possible defense for our clients.



We handle the most precarious cases with the most elusive clients. The trust they place with us day in and day out is essential to achieve a favorable outcome.

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Jason through out the whole process of my case helped not only comfort me but I was thoroughly impressed by his legal knowledge and follow through with the prosecutor. If you find yourself in trouble, I highly recommend you look into have Jason represent you.


Jason’s meticulous strategies to not only successfully represent my dad, but to also keep constant and clear communication with the family — is what sets him above the majority. His ability to walk us through each step of the process with honesty & care has effectively proven his strong work ethics, professionalism, & integrity treating us as we matter from start to finish.


I am truly grateful for Mr. Conforti’s professionalism and experience as a Federal Defense Attorney. He speaks and presents himself with the confidence necessary to win ANY case and get you the best deal for your situation. By the time he was finished, not only was the judge convinced but the DA was more than willing as well. I was absolutely astonished and amazed!!


About Jason T. Conforti

Mr. Conforti represents individuals and corporations in federal criminal matters from grand jury investigations through trial. Mr. Conforti also has vast experience navigating parrallel proceedings, administrative proceedings and compliance issues that often coincide with criminal matters in the corporate context. Last, Mr. Conforti is trusted by his clients to strategically conduct internal investigations with an emphasis on identifying issues, problem solving and limiting potential exposure.

Jason Conforti founded the Law Office of Jason T. Conforti in 2015 and was a partner in the San Diego firm of Conforti & Turner llp. Mr. Conforti is admitted to practice law in the State of California, the United States District Court, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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